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FahiKeplar is a solution that centralizes all HR data into a single, manageable, and user-friendly platform. With a mission to simplify the functions of HR, FahiKeplar offers HR managers to conduct all HR admin related tasks from a single location and boost HR efficiency by letting employees manage their requests through a user-friendly self-service platform. FahiKeplar mobile app is designed to allow HR managers to keep up to date on all important HR information straight from their smartphones. From checking the employee’s daily attendance records to more advance features like managing leave requests and approvals, FahiKeplar mobile is the perfect add-on to FahiKeplar solution. Check our product Brochure for more details Download


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Staff Management

Attendance Management

Leave Management

Management Reports

Benefits Management

Loan Management

Payroll Management

SMS Integration

Report Customization

Mobile App for iOS and Android

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